We Create Experiences

Italic is a visual merchandising company providing expert services for retail, entertainment and event industries since 2003.

At Italic Press, we consider ourselves mostly digital, but our final output is always physical.

We encourage people to schedule a consultation to discuss their project as early in the process as possible.

Our guidance on the most suitable manufacturing process decisions helps achieve a final product as close to the vision (and the budget) as possible.

We work to be a part of our client’s team and really understand their needs.

Our Processes

Project Consultation + Management

You are looking for inspiration and budget advice on a project or across an organization.

Have an idea and don't know where to start? Looking to solve a fulfillment problem? Trying to do the most within a budget or simply looking for inspiration?
The sooner we come onboard, the better the result.

Custom Pricing + Fulfillment

You have a complex or embellished project you need pricing or advice on.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, down to the specific weight of the paper, or if you only have a few details sketched out for budget, we can offer some helpful advice. We are proud of the custom work we do.

Shopping Online

You know what you want and your files are ready to go.

We've streamlined the process to save your time and budget. Buy confidently knowing we have poured our best processes and materials into our online products.
Our eyes are on your project from start to finish.

Client Feedback

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How can we help today?

Connect with our team to discuss your needs, project or challenge.

Our client success team responds to all inquiries within one business day.

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