Printers Today Don’t Just Deliver Print, They Create Experiences

April 12, 2019 2 min read

Printers Today Don’t Just Deliver Print, They Create Experiences

Today’s Reality

Wilson Duong, Founder and Creative Director of the boutique agency Recess Creative, is very aware that the relationship between printers and designers has evolved.

“As brands recognize the greater impact when digital [online] content and print campaigns work together, designers are not just going to printers for print work anymore,” explains Wilson. “We’re turning to printers to brainstorm and collaborate about the best way to create experiences.”


Creating a Holistic, Visual Experience

And that, says Wilson, is exactly why he works with the team at Italic. “Italic is really good at creating experiences. For a recent project we did together, they built the housing and custom boxes to retrofit a printed book,” recalls Wilson. “So it’s not just a printed piece; they created a holistic, memorable visual experience.”


Wilson founded Recess Creative two and a half years ago, and had worked with Italic previously in his former role as Senior Designer at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment and Creative Director for Sportsnet & NHL Properties.


Low Run, High Quality, Quick Turnaround

“I met Shawn,” says Wilson, referring to Shawn Irvine, owner of Italic (formerly DT Print Solutions), “and we built a great working relationship. The whole team is very knowledgeable, and we’ve worked together over lots of projects. I always turn to them when I need low-run, high-quality, unique work. Their in-house HP Indigo offers great quality and quick turnaround on short runs.”

And speed, says Wilson, plays a critical role in the print industry today. “Clients want projects delivered a lot more quickly,” says Wilson. “It used to be within the week, then tomorrow, and now they want to see something the same day! Designers are depending on printers to turn things around quickly.”


"Clients like Recess Creative make us better, because they push us to improve our process and push our equipment to the creative limit,” says Shawn. “This relationship creates a ton of value, as we're able to share innovative ideas with new and existing clients whose job is to create the most impactful moments and experiences."


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