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Greeting Cards

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There is no extra charge for different artwork versions.

To take advantage of this, simply provide a single PDF with different pages for each version. Then add your breakdown into the Production Notes field.

Example 1: You order 10 prints and want one copy of ten different versions. Your note can say "10 Versions, 1 of each".

Example 2: You order 100 prints and want various copies of 5 versions of artwork. Your note can say "Page 1 x 50, Page 2 x 25, Page 3 x 25".

In all examples we appreciate getting one single file and we will confirm the version quantities during the proofing process.

Our Artwork Guides and File Submission requirements are in our Artwork Guide FAQ

PDF Proofs- we will process your artwork as if we were printing it, then generate a low-res PDF for your approval. This is to check that all components, including images and type, have rendered as expected.

Hardproofs - we will process your artwork and print a proof on the same printing press and paper as your final job. This is to check that all components have rendered as expected and have produced the expected colour, texture, and size.

Gloss: Our gloss print substrate offers a sleek and reflective finish, enhancing the vibrancy of colors and creating a polished and professional look. It works for designs that demand a bold and eye-catching impact.

Silk: With a smooth and silky texture, our silk print substrates provide a sophisticated and elegant appearance. It offers a subtle sheen that adds a touch of luxury to your artwork, making it ideal for designs that require a refined and classy aesthetic. Excellent for prints intended to be framed.

Uncoated: Our uncoated print substrate provides a natural and tactile feel. It has a matte surface that allows for a soft and understated look, while still maintaining excellent print quality. It's perfect for designs that aim for a more organic and textured finish.

Eggshell: The eggshell print substrate offers a unique texture that resembles the delicate surface of an eggshell. It adds depth and visual interest to your artwork, creating a distinct and artistic appearance. It's an excellent choice for designs that seek a touch of elegance and a tactile experience.

Felt: Our felt print substrate features a textured surface that mimics the feel of watercolour paper. It adds a sense of warmth and depth to your prints, creating a cozy and inviting look. It's particularly well-suited for designs that aim to evoke a sense of comfort and craftsmanship.