Italic introduces high-impact digital metallic inks

March 11, 2021 1 min read

Italic introduces high-impact digital metallic inks

Introducing high-impact digital metallic inks

Italic metallics increase the value of your brand's message.




Achieve silver, gold, and many other metallic colours, with the flexibility of digital.

Silver ink enables Italic to metalize the entire colour gamut by simply printing CMYK on top of the first layer of silver.

Italic ink technology enables printing of stand-out silver applications, as well as a wide gamut of metallic ink colours using standard papers, all using digital print technology.


Check composition, explore texture and confirm colour all in metallic ink.

Predict and approve the desired print result before going to press.


Strengthen your packaging and marketing products by incorporating metallic ink.

Provide confidence in the manufacturing process with fully realized mock-up and prototypes before proceeding to production length runs.


High-value personalized communications now in metallic ink.

Colour Guides

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Designed for clarity, our metallic swatch books are the ultimate specification tools for creatives, designers and anyone looking to discover the possibilities of silver ink.


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