Klick Adaptive Brand Playbook by Italic

We Are Industry Leaders

We’ve invested heavily in acquiring the best technology available and bringing it to the Canadian market. When challenged with seemingly impossible tasks, we always discover new capabilities and techniques that we can apply in the future.

Through our adaptive approach and expertise, we achieve our clients’ visions with few limits. Our team loves to say yes.

HP Indigo’s innovative liquid electrophotography (LEP) technology delivers exceptional print quality - no shiny toners!  Our presses offer the redundancy and reliability our work demands.
The Future is Swiss Capable of handling even the most original ideas and delivering dependable results, our new swissQprint press has made our wide format offering the best in the country.
Colour Management Through HP and GMG technologies we deliver consistent, repeatable colour with any media combination.  With Italic colour management your colours always stay the same.