How to Host a Virtual Employee Appreciation Awards Show

How to Host a Virtual Employee Appreciation Awards Show

How to Host a Virtual Employee Appreciation Awards Show

We wanted to celebrate the Italic team with something beyond a social zoom call.

Follow our guide to design your own employee appreciation event!

The Award

Your team can still be acknowledged.

The Program

You don't have to be together to create an engaging experience.

The Package

Connect beyond digital with a personalized physical package.

The Award

Name Your Award

Inspired by our symbol of quality, the slash (/) and the television program The Office, Dundie Awards (Season 2, Episode 1),Italic created our ownSlashy Awards to celebrate our people and their personalities.

Choose something relevant to your organization or industry that both fun and compliments your brand. Do you have an unofficial mascot or nickname for the work you do? Think the Grammys with your employees as the celebrities.

Serious or Funny?

The Office awards were humorous but essentially meaningless.

We decided ours would keep a causal format but tailored the awards to the personalities and accomplishments of our people.

Whatever you do keep it thoughtful even when funny.

Award Design Tips

Match your theme with the tone of your organization. If you have one, tie in your employee recognition program brand and strategy.

You can tier your awards or keep it uniform. Be sure to personalize the experience with dynamic design and variable print.


Your design can incorporate different materials, shapes and embellishments.

Italic's diverse capabilities and custom manufacturing experience enable us to translate your ideas within your desired budget.

The Program

LIVE in 3... 2... 1...

You have the perfect award, now to hand them out!

Without an in-person holiday party,Italicis hosting a “semi-formal-from-the-waist-up” awards night where we will present a well thought out program. Our program is inspired by television, with segments from award show formats such as guests introducing awards and announcing winners and even Lifetime Achievement award.

Create a Storyboard

Like a script, a storyboard visually guides you throughout the production process. It is your roadmap when you make a video.

By planning your program, you’ll know which clips you need to create and how to transition between live and pre-recorded segments in a timely manner to keep your audience engaged.

WFH employees are “Zoomed-Out” so keep it concise and rehearse!

Assign a Cast

Who will be presenting your awards?

Consider past beloved employees, lively vendors, mentors to the business, celebrity cameos, and involve your own people too.

Pre-record the clips and play during your program to avoid losing control of your script and schedule. Send your presenters scripts and have them record and send you a clip of them presenting the award.  

The Package

A Very Special Delivery

To connect beyond digital with a personal physical experience,Italic prepared a package to send to invitees in advance of the Awards Night.

Our kit contains the invitees award (packaged separately to only be opened during the ceremony) and a cocktail kit. You can include swag, a gift, a card, we can present just about anything beautifully.

Having a difficult time picturing it? Italic 3D Proofing takes out the guess work.

Tailor to Your Existing Culture

Before every event at Italic, there is always much chatter about what the “Signature Cocktail” should be.

This year, as we cant be together, we reinvented this tradition by surveying our people, deciding together on a few options, then preparing a simple mini cocktail kit to be prepared and shared together during the show.

Tap into your existing culture to curate the award show package to recreate familiar experiences to delight attendees.

Design Considerations

The sky really is the limit.

Italic is proudly able to create a variety of experiences from multimedia screens, custom inserts, and more.

Tying your package contents to your awards show program brings both efforts together into a cohesive digital and physical adventure for your employees.

However you decide to celebrate make it fun and be unique!

Inspired yet?

However you decide to celebrate your people, make it a fun, unique and personal experience.

How can we help today?

Connect with our team to discuss your needs. We look forward to discussing and pricing your project or challenge.

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