How to Ask a Client For Their Home Address

How to Ask a Client For Their Home Address

How to ask your client for their home address.

How to make sure your client appreciation gift reaches your client, without being creepy!

Where are they?

Everyone's situation is different and every company has a different set up.

First establish if you can ship to the company or if your client is cut off from their home base.

No Secrets

Getting mail is exciting again, so there's no need to add a surprise element.

Let your client know you intend to send them a gift so they don't feel uncomfortable or start guessing about your intentions.

No Surprises

People travel during the holidays. Be sure to let them know when you will be delivering your gift so they can make plans.

Appreciation can quickly turn to disappointment when a gift doesn't make it to a waiting recipient.

Be Straightforward

Do not tag your request on the end of a business email.

Make a special effort to personally reach out.


Use an online form to organize your client's responses.

Recipients may respond better to a form rather than making excuses like "you don't have to do that!".

Make it Exciting

Keep it exciting and personable. Offer pick-up locations if possible as an alternative if they are hesitant so they don't miss out.

If they still turn you down, send a e-card or thoughtful email around the time you would have sent a gift. They will feel appreciated instead of left out.

Email Template

Hi [Client Name],

We really enjoyed working with you this past year, and would love to send a small token of our appreciation.

Knowing that your offices are closed, is there a home address you could provide for us to send a small gift? We estimate it would arrive [add in the estimated arrival week], and all you’d need to do is be there to expect it! Let me know if you have any questions, or if another time or place would work better.

Thank you so much, and wishing you a great week!

Best regards,

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